Cottage Sharing Agreement Sample

Cottage sharing has become a popular trend in recent years as a way for friends and families to share the cost of owning a vacation home. However, just like any other shared ownership arrangement, it`s important to have a clear and detailed agreement in place to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts down the road. In this article, we`ll provide a sample cottage sharing agreement that can serve as a valuable starting point for those looking to create their own.

Section 1: Ownership

The first section of the agreement should clearly outline who the owners of the cottage are and what percentage of the property they own. This section should also include information on how the ownership may be transferred in the event that one of the owners wants to sell their share.

Section 2: Usage

The second section of the agreement should outline how the owners plan to use the cottage and how much access each owner will have. This section should specify the dates and times each owner is allowed to use the property and any limitations on the number of guests they can bring.

Section 3: Responsibilities

The third section of the agreement should outline the responsibilities of each owner in terms of maintenance, repairs, and expenses. This should include a breakdown of the costs associated with owning the cottage (such as property taxes, insurance, and utilities) and how those costs will be divided between the owners.

Section 4: Dispute Resolution

The fourth section of the agreement should outline how disputes between owners will be handled. This may include a clause for mediation or arbitration to resolve any conflicts that may arise.

Section 5: Termination

The final section of the agreement should outline the process for terminating the cottage sharing arrangement. This may include a clause for the sale of the property if all owners agree to sell or a buyout option for a single owner who wants to exit the agreement.


Creating a cottage sharing agreement is a critical step for those who want to share ownership of a vacation property. While this sample agreement provides a solid starting point, it`s important to customize the agreement based on the specific needs and circumstances of the owners involved. By creating a detailed and comprehensive agreement, owners can enjoy their shared cottage without worrying about potential conflicts or disputes.